Tuesday, November 11, 2008


3 - 4p..half of d questions make me confused lor..

4 - environmental science..quite easy but only 20% from this final xm wil b carry on total marks..

6 - strategy of teaching n learning science..part A is simple s ABC..confidence in part B--->70%..haha

10 - introductory biology 1..mental blocked..ntahape2jer

11 - electromagnetism..confident in 1/4..some questions in part B comes from tutorials..only can answer 5 from 30 objectives..so i just shoot for the rest =p

12 - thermodynamics..not enough time to calculate n think 4 d concept questions..they shud give us 30 minutes more..!!


kumansakti said...

amik termo gk ke????
hehehe steady flow gak ar...

nana abdullah said...

yela..it's not too difficult but lil bit careless make me frustrated..